Yes, we are glad to say that we are Halal Certified!

In general, customers can follow the pax number provided for each package based on the number of guests you are hoping to feed. However, due to the fact that some guests love to go for their 2nd and 3rd rounds, it would be good to include an additional of about 10% to the pax number. 

Visit our menu page and go through the usual ordering process, or if you prefer more assitance please contact us through our hotline +65 6345 1180 , our Contact Us page or email!


Yes, of course. Do email us at sales@sparkcatering.com or get in touch with us at +65 6345 1180!

Sadly, we do not make adjustments to decrease the pax number but you can take a look at our Mini Buffet option that allows for a smaller pax number.